Not Alone

From the Daily Hampshire Gazette

“But the question I want to ask is not which impossible choice my abused neighbor should make. I want to ask: What can we do to prevent domestic violence, a public health crisis that strikes one in four American women and kills nearly 800 American women every year?

The mom in this news story has four children. Statistically, those children are at higher risk of being abused or becoming abusive, in part because experience suggests that it will be harder for them to identify the early warning signs of abuse – like extreme jealousy, controlling behavior, rigid adherence to gender stereotypes and a sense of entitlement.

We need to step up our domestic abuse prevention efforts in schools. Many of us talk to our own children about what makes a relationship healthy. But this is not enough. A public health crisis needs a public response. We invest in public education. We teach children how to read, to write, to analyze, to lead. But all of this effort can end up wasted if their lives are destroyed by domestic violence.”

This video, put together by a high school student, gives some insight into how many people are experiencing domestic violence in the United States-


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