The Rockford Case of Missing Babies

Danyelle Foggs, one of the last people to see Kyrian Knox alive before his remains were located in Chicago, recently sent the police on a wild goose chase throughout Rockford. This time, though, the baby was found “unharmed.” Foggs has been arrested.


Danyelle Foggs It is unclear at this time why Danyelle Foggs was able to or if she did move her child. In November it was reported that Foggs’ own children were taken from her care after Kyrian went missing from her home. Also of concern was that Foggs seemed to show little concern for the toddler or his very tragic fate. As stated in an interview with the RRStar

Danyelle Foggs 2



The two girls she’s speaking about are her paramour’s daughter and Lanisha Knox, Kyrian’s mother. Her paramour, Kemel Harris, is now also behind bars. As reported in June, Mr. Harris was arrested and incarcerated after initiating physical contact with a DCFS worker while walking on the streets in downtown Rockford. The worker recognized Harris and Foggs who, after being considered uncooperative witnesses in Kyrian’s case, were in the presence of two small children and seemed to be caring for them. The investigator approached but Harris ordered Foggs to run away. Harris engaged with the worker, and this incident was witnessed by an on duty police officer. This was reported in greater detail here

Danyelle Foggs 3.jpg

These two people, who cared for Kyrian from August until he went missing in September, have never been charged with anything related to his disappearance. It was initially unknown what caused Kyrian’s death before his dismemberment, whether accident or murder. That was until December, when the Cook County Medical Examiner stated that his death was ruled a homicide.

Simply put, this story hits too close to home.

In a recent and similar ‘child found safe’ case to that of Foggs’ infant, 6 month old Ku’marion Jenkins, a Georgia resident, was found after being removed by his adult sibling. After what was called “an extensive search” by authorities, the baby was discovered alone in a residential yard near a shed. The local police force posted this picture of the child-

Danyelle Foggs 4 The entire story of Ku’marion’s unapproved removal and subsequent rescue with his 13 year old sister can be read here.


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