There’s a Mermaid with a Mission

1379807647qssfqOne survivor of childhood maltreatment is rising up and raising money for survivors of abuse in a truly inspirational way. This survivor who has become a physical education teacher, as well as a voice for those suffering from violence at the hands of loved ones, will be paddling over 1000 km on her own to raise money for charities that assist victims. Of her own struggles she wrote-

“People think domestic violence has to involve fists, bruises, physical pain and suffering. It’s the silent attacks that hurt the most, while physical scars and bruises heal and fade in time it’s the remnants of the emotional trauma that continue to manifest and torment you for the rest of your days. I am beginning to get comfortable owning what happened to me, but its effects have lasting consequences that I am aware of almost daily.

The more time I spend analyzing my past based on my wisdom to date the more I see links, connections and reasons behind my behaviors over the years, things just make sense now. It’s my past that has shaped me and provided strength beyond words. While my body has broken down many a time my mind is yet to break. My spirit, happy nature and sparkle is still within me and those who know me have had the pleasure of meeting my inner weirdo; the co pilot to my life!

Being controlled, manipulated, systematically ignored, assaulted both physically and sexually made me feel invisible, worthless, angry, confused, unloved, bitter; like I was nothing. My voice went unheard, my traumas overlooked. It takes only fragments of time to break a spirit, and a lifetime to re build it.

Life was being dictated on a tightrope with a constantly shifting, near invisible line. The manipulation was perplexing at such a young age, initially being built up with meaningful and thoughtful expressions; I truly felt loved…”

To see her full article or to donate to her cause click here. She’s all set to start her journey on June 26th!


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