Another Letter

child and mother


Dear Mrs. Turner,

I keep wondering where you are in all of this. Your silence is deafening to this mother of four young children; three of them sons. Are you hoping that if you just close your eyes and go to sleep, it will all go away? Maybe just maybe, if you try hard enough, you will wake up and realize that it’s all been a terrible nightmare. I don’t blame you, as what’s the alternative really? Truthfully, I can picture myself embracing that same philosophy. Not deliberately, but certainly subconsciously, as a way to survive the terrible truth about your son.

Do you wonder what went wrong? It seemed he had the world at his fingertips. Like your husband said, he was “happy go lucky with an easygoing personality and welcoming smile.” He certainly looks that way in his photographs that have been plastered all over the Internet and inundated with comments that call for his lynching and now your husband’s.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it seems like it has.

Do you agree with your husband that this was just a case of alcohol induced “sexual promiscuity” or what he casually called “20 minutes of action?” I can’t imagine any woman feeling like that, even as I recall what it was to be 23 years old and drinking heavily.

I remember that blue-eyed boy I met one day at a college party so many years ago, after a few too many drinks. The one with hair bleached from the summer sun and salt water. I remember riding in his car and wondering where we were going. We drove forever, it seemed, until we finally arrived and he opened my door and carried me inside and lay me on the couch in my parents’ house. He kissed me on the cheek and went home.

This is the kind of man I want to raise, though I do sometimes wonder how can I make sure my little boys will all grow up to be scholars, athletes, and most importantly, gentlemen.

I’m struck that your husband, just as your son, has not denied the rape itself…

To finish reading the article up at Babble click here.


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