Mother’s Day

You would think, being in the CASA office, that Mother’s Day would have a sort of suspended realism. There are those lucky enough to have been given the opportunity for great mothering, who had mothers who held them when they cried and helped them up when they fell. But we are so aware, in this line of work, of the children who don’t have that warm presence in their lives, whose relationship with their mother is broken or torn apart by violence.

However, this really isn’t the case. Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate. We, at CASA, salute you mothers out there who are doing it. You, who are working and raising your family on the funds earned from your two hands. You, who are staying at home with your kiddos patching scraped knees and ferrying everyone to and fro. You, who are giving your children chicken nugget meals as you hurry on to your next task and you who are painstakingly steaming veggies and making all your own baby food. You, who refuse to be a foot away from where your little ones play and you who peek out the window into a backyard to check on their activity.

You’re doing it. You care for those kids. You’re feeding them, clothing them, providing comfort and support for them. Maybe you’re not even their mother. Maybe you’re the aunt that is raising them, the grandma that got custody. Maybe you’re a foster parent or are just starting to meet kiddos who are available for adoption.

We salute you. We thank you. Keep doing a great job with those kids and, if you ever want to extend your reach to children who need a voice, please look up your local CASA program.

Mother's Day Newsletter


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