One Step Starts the Journey

We really liked this post entitled “For Every Next Step” from someone who recently liked our post What is it like to have anxiety?, theseeds4life. Thanks for your ‘like’, and thank you for this.

It really made us think of some of our CASA kids. While the world may see them as broken, in need, or under performing in school or in their social lives we know that many of these kids have already taken their first (and most terrifying) step. Perhaps they finally disclosed their years of abuse. Perhaps they’ve made their first friend (going from the kid who has no friends because you smell since your mother never remembers to bathe you and lets the cat pee on the carpet to the kid with a friend is a HUGE deal). Perhaps they had their first doctor appointment resulting in a clean bill of health. All of these are the beginnings to better wellness and better self esteem. Remember this lesson for the kids CASA serves and for yourself. The first step starts the journey.

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