Active Lifestyle, Children on the Go

“Regular physical activity helps to prevent the development of heart disease [1], type 2 diabetes [2], obesity [3, 4] and some cancers [5] and is also associated with improved mental well-being [6]. Among children and adolescents, physical activity has been associated with a lower body mass index [7] and lower mean values for cardiovascular risk factors [810]. Sedentary time, i.e. when people are not active has also been associated with increased adiposity among children [11]. Sedentary time does not, however, provide information about the activities in which a person is engaged and therefore there have been recent calls to focus on sedentary activities as specific behaviours that are related to health outcomes [12]. The most studied sedentary behaviour is TV viewing and higher levels of TV viewing have been associated with higher body mass among youth [7, 13, 14]. Many children and adolescents do not meet physical activity guidelines and exceed TV viewing recommendations [1518]. Children’s physical activity levels decline steeply with age, particularly into adolescence [1921] with the end of primary school (10-11 years of age) being a pivotal period of change [20, 22]. Therefore, in order to prevent the development of cardiovascular and associated diseases there is a need to understand the factors that influence children’s physical activity and TV viewing at this key transition age,” says BioMed Central.

LiveStrong states that, “Children and adolescents need to perform moderate or vigorous intensity aerobic activity for at least one hour every day. Children should also participate in strengthening activities at least three days a week. The best way to get your kids moving is to set a good example. Incorporate physical activity into family time, and encourage children to participate in physical activities that they enjoy, such as team sports, martial arts, dance lessons or simple playground activities.”

Need some ideas? Check these out from Princess Pinky Girl


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