A Doctor for Good

Local chiropractor Derek Prado is planning on going to Fiji. Perhaps, you imagine, he will be going to enjoy a nice vacation, to sit on the beach. For Dr. Prado, this trip means so much more. He is going to serve children and families who have, in some cases, never had a medical exam before.

Derek has done this work twice previously; once as a student and once again after becoming a chiropractor. He stated that, “any and all contributions (to his GoFundMe page) will help the PPO Team provide free healthcare, and in some cases free life changing surgery, to those less fortunate.”

The PPO website says, “In 2010, Dr. Bhogal created a non-profit foundation called Peak Potential Outreach.  This organization’s primary goal is to provide comprehensive healthcare to underserved and impoverished communities around the world.  In the past 10 years, Drs. Bhogal and O’Neill have coordinated trips to serve the people of Haiti, Jamaica, Fiji, India, and Morocco. Peak Potential Outreach embarked upon it’s inaugural service trip to Fiji in March 2012 and followed up with the second in June 2013.  Multidisciplinary healthcare teams provided care to over 600 underserved patients.  Peak Potential Outreach is now affiliated with Shriner’s Hospitals for Children and provides a direct referral and support for those who may be in need of more complex care.”

Its wonderful to see a local provider involved in such wonderful work!

The need in Fiji, which Derek will be directly addressing, is great. ThinkPacific.com states that, “The quality of health services varies significantly in Fiji. In the outer islands health care is not easily accessible and the nearest clinics often involve an expensive sea journey. Poor sanitation systems and a lack of fresh water supplies can be a cause of severe sickness. According to the Asian Development Bank, only 50% of the population in Fiji has access to safe water and proper sanitation. The level of access to sanitation is 75% in urban areas, but only 12% in rural areas.”


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