The ‘average’ child

Who is the ‘average’ child served by a CASA program? We imagine that this changes from program to program. For our program here in Boone County the average child served is male, under the age of five, non-Hispanic, and came into the system under a petition for neglect. He is most likely to achieve reunification with his parents (65%).

This compares to the national ‘average’ foster child. This too is a male child, most likely under five years of age, as well as non-Hispanic white. He also is most likely to be reunited with his parents (51%).[1]

What is harder to see in these basic numbers are the things children represented by a CASA advocate get (except for the higher likelihood of reunification). They get an adult, steady, and determined to look out for their best interest no matter what. They get an educational advocate, someone who gets to know how they learn, what their challenges are, and what style of communication best reaches them. They get a champion who has been trained, who is answerable to the court system, and who knows well the child’s history. They get a team.

CASAs don’t and can’t do all the work by themselves. They work alongside caseworkers, therapists, and other service providers to help the child succeed.







[1] “Statistics on Foster Care.” FosterClub. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Mar. 2016.


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