A QuikTrip for Safety

Ever Seen This Sign at Your Local QuikTrip? Here’s Why It’s So Important That It’s There.


In a given year, between 1.6 and 2.8 million youths run away. Many of these youths are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and/or neglect. Terrified for their lives, they often feel as though they have no where to turn.

But one store is working hard to change that.

QuikTrip, a Tulsa-based convenience and gasoline retailer has partnered withSafe Place, a national outreach and prevention organization to ensure that anyone in danger has somewhere to turn.


QuikTrip provides a safe place for at-risk youth to come and receive food, water, and protection until help arrives. A Safe Place sign is placed outside each QuikTrip location to remind individuals that if they are in danger, they can find safety in the store.

Image Credit: Facebook

With over 700 stores throughout the United States, QuikTrip assists youths in getting off the streets and into a safe place.

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