‘Thoughts Through Art’ Series

CASA wanted to share with you this post from Breaking Sarah. The writer of this blog survived sexual abuse first perpetrated by her brother, and later by her father. We echo her sentiment that ‘if you are in this emotional state, please reach out to someone.’

Breaking Sarah - Bruised, Not Broken


This is the second in my series of finding meaning through art, words and images, things for all of us to contemplate and consider.

This image struck me immediately and brought a tear to my eyes. I can see it meaning different things to different people but for me, it represents years of my own broken heart, a heart broken by so many people and in so may ways that there were days I wished I could just tear into my chest, rip it out of me and throw it to the ground.

This image makes me feel sad. I can see myself looking down at my own heart and grieving for it, grieving for myself, grieving for the life I should have had. My heart had been broken so terribly, that for 6 years, I had turned off my emotions and wouldn’t let myself feel. I didn’t want my…

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