Happy 2016!

To end this year CASA staff sat down to brainstorm their wishes for the upcoming year. Their hopeful list for 2016 goes like this…

  1. That there’s continued reason to use the phrase “you’re doing good work for these kids” but less reason to have to.
  2. That there’s a higher rate of even resilient children within the system receiving therapy to help them work through their abuse/neglect.
  3. That there are less children experiencing the ‘maybe days’ of not achieving permanency.
  4. That the world is able to see a greater focusing on the benefits and positive aspects of foster parenting.
  5. That our Midwest community continues to grow in its awareness of child abuse and efforts to prevent it.
  6. That foster youth in our area are able to receive more peer mentorship by foster alums who have made successful lives for themselves post DCFS wardship.
  7. That both the employment and college attendance rate of former foster youth rises.
  8. That Boone County be the location of more services (i.e. counseling, parenting groups, mental health services, domestic violence classes) so that parents with transportation challenges don’t have to travel so often into Rockford or beyond.
  9. That more older foster youth are able to take advantage of their unique aged based services like assistance with college, living skills and financial management classes, and employment search aid.
  10. That there is a greater presence of classes and prevention focused services available to at risk populations such as pregnant teens.
  11. That there are more and affordable services for parents of children with special needs locally (we did just recently learn about BraveHearts here in Boone County. Seriously you guys, your contributions to children here are wonderful and varied!).
  12. That the quality of life for the poorest children here in our county and everywhere globally is able to improve. Thanks to organizations such as Vitamin Angels for their ongoing efforts in this struggle.

Have a safe and happy New Year!


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