New Foster Child? Meet Jumping Jack

We thought this was a beautiful, touching post about the things adoptive/foster parents can do to keep siblings together. We were impressed by this mother’s dedication to the individual and specific needs of each of her children. Way to go, Beautiful Opportunity, you’re doing great work!

The Beautiful Opportunity

When we first agreed to Joyful and Watchful’s placement, we said we’d take their little brother, 4-year-old Jumping Jack too, if he came into care.  But a week later, we made a different plan.  Here’s why.

Initially, we were told the youngest sibling was a three-year-old girl.  Room-wise, this made it easy to house everyone, since a little girl could bunk with Joyful.  When we found out that she was a he, we still were interested in the taking Jumping Jack, and thought we’d look at moving Joyful in with Sassy.

But in the intervening week between Joyful and Watchful’s arrival and Jumping Jack entering foster care, two things happened.  First, Sassy had a hard time adjusting to Joyful and Watchful’s presence in our home.  Second, we saw how the three siblings interact together and found out there were some major issues.

Sassy is our 13-year-old (bio) daughter.  She’s a giving, sensitive teenager…

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