The Maybe Days

51pIGkZ2YBL._SX400_BO1,204,203,200_It can be very hard to explain to children exactly what foster care is or to validate their unique feelings, which is so important to a child removed from his/her family. The book The Maybe Days covers this ground beautifully. The especially wonderful thing about the book is its underlying point to children; its not your fault, its not your job to fix, your responsibility now is to simply be a kid and do kid things. This, we’ve found, is easier said than done.

What are some of their maybe questions…

Maybe I’ll get to see my parent this week for visitation (not all bio parents show up to 100% of their visits)

Maybe they’ll remember my birthday (unfortunately, we’ve had times where parents have forgotten).

Maybe my last name will be changing (between goal change and termination this is hanging in the balance).

Maybe I will be at this school next year (whether a child returns home to a parent or moves foster homes, this frequently can be different).

Maybe today is the day the rest of my clothes get here (children are often moved in a hurry and are unable to take everything they would like with them).


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