Run, Hide, Fight

Unfortunately, the FBI states that active shooter incidents in the United States are “an increasing trend.” Between the years 2000 and 2013 there have been 160 mass armed violence incidents, and this number doesn’t include the Paris attacks or the San Bernardino shootings, which happened this year. It does account for the shootings at Virginia Tech, our very own NIU, and Sandy Hook Elementary School. Nearly 500 people were killed during these events, while even more (557 to be exact) were injured.

This means that the public needs to be prepared and know the best ways to react if ever in this terrible situation. As stated by the FBI, “Active shooter incidents are becoming more frequent—the first seven years of the study show an average of 6.4 incidents annually, while the last seven years show 16.4 incidents annually.” Their advice? Run if you can. Barricade yourself if that’s a better option. Finally, fight instead of being passive. In fact, “21 incidents ended after unarmed citizens successfully restrained the shooter.”

CNN recently released a video of one such run, hide, fight training.

These trainings are becoming more popular, especially following the recent events of mass terror. This Ohio gym has even gotten involved, teaching people ‘gross motor’ reactions to gun violence. As the trainer says in the video, under so much stress a person may lose fine motor skills.

To learn more about trainings or to schedule one you can visit


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