Who are Foster Parents?

city-street-house-broken-mediumHave you ever wondered exactly what it takes to become a foster parent? Here you can see some of the paperwork that starts the process. Though, in actuality, the process begins before even the paperwork gets started. It begins with the decision (or consideration) to take a child, a baby, an unknown teenager into your home and with the questioning of if you could do something to help this minor. Could you help with schoolwork? Could you help gently guide decision making? Could you build memories with a child while fostering love and respect for their biological parents? Some people are able to say “Yes!” right away while some take months or even years to ponder the struggles and triumphs they could be subject to while caring for another’s child.

Take a look at Momma Meesh’s blog (thanks, Meesh, for the ‘like’ yesterday). She really details the story of her consideration, how she broke the news of wanting to take in foster children to her own kids, and she even explains how getting ready to foster children is a bit similar to being pregnant (nesting, worrying, googling terms).

Here in the USA there’s an online training organization FosterParentCollege.com that allows prospective foster parents to get their training hours via the web. Take a look at some of the classes they offer. These include classes on biological parent visitation, wetting and soiling, and even substance exposed infants. All of these instances are things it is likely a foster parent will face should he or she choose to start their career as a substitute parent figure. In Illinois the counties of Cook, DuPage, Will, and Macon have agencies that accept FosterParentCollege’s training for credit hours.


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