Parenting the Hurt Child

ForwardThis forward is the first page in a very insightful book Parenting the Hurt Child. It gives pointers to adoptive/foster parents on how to spend time with children and teach emotionally unstable children how to gain control over their behaviors.

Boone County CASA keeps a copy of Adopting the Hurt Child for lending to advocates. Also, here you can see a training based off of some of the principles outlined in Parenting the Hurt Child.

Like all writings, even ones written by experienced Licensed Social Workers as this one was, it must be taken thoughtfully and with the health and well being of children in mind. There are been foster parents who have argued that its methods are better left for very emotionally rebellious children, although they support the book’s focus on spending bonding, family time together building memories.

CASA’s only opinion in this matter is this- the more knowledge you have and the more sources you can turn to when an abused or neglected child is placed under your care, the better. These children may turn up at night or on very little notice with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and a garbage bag full of all the own in the world. They may be distrustful (and honestly, who wouldn’t be?), scared, and miss the only home they’ve ever known. The way you and your family do everything, from taking your meals, the food you eat, the way you talk to each other, what programs you watch on TV, is going to be new to this child. Patience, understanding, and training are the things CASA can recommend. The more you know, the more options you’ll have when you face your inevitable first misunderstanding with the minor placed in your care.


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