Where You Live and How It Can Effect Your Lifespan

graphThis graph, posted on http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/a-matter-of-postal-codes-2/, shows that where you live really matters.

What can we take from this, being that the study was conducted not here but in Canada? We can take the overall picture and assume its reflection. We can see that those who live in impoverished, under-served areas tend to be less healthy, even having less access to medical service. The risk of teen pregnancy becomes greater as do the cases of intentional self harm.

The next questions we have to ask are how do we fix this and why does is happen in the first place. Not only are children directly affected themselves, either by being the pregnant/fathering teens or by committing the acts of self harm, but indirectly as well by seeing these things when loved ones are the source. How can we stop this from becoming accepted and even expected for children growing up under these circumstances?

One answer, maybe one of the most obvious, is make sure these children have access to good education and mandated reporters in teachers and other school personnel. Yet, according to dosomething.org, “More than 30 million children are growing up in poverty. In one low-income community, there was only one book for every 300 children,” and, “Children living in poverty have a higher number of absenteeism or leave school all together because they are more likely to have to work or care for family members.”


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