Attachment Theory

parents-and-childrenPlease read the following article. It details thoughts on Attachment Theory or the way people attach and feel connected to other people. Source: Attachment Theory

Here at CASA we see a lot of kids who struggle with attachment disorders, especially after having spent prolonged time moving between families or having been neglected/mistreated by their parents. These children often cannot tell the different between who is a safe person to love and trust and who is not. Therefore, kids can either attach strongly and show affection for people that are inappropriate, such as strangers or near strangers, or they can have overly cautious attachment and refuse to trust that people, for example foster parents, will love and accept them.

One thing that we have heard in trainings and through listening to podcasts where foster parents document their road from placement to case end is this- it is imperative for the children with attachment disorder to have consistency. They need to be loved and treated with kindness consistently. They need to always be gently disciplined and know what to expect when they break rules or misbehave. They need stability in their housing, in their friends, and in their school placements.

“The more a child feels attached…the more secure he is in the acceptance of himself and the rest of the world. The more love he gets, the more he is capable of giving. Attachment is as central to the developing child as eating and breathing.” Robert Shaw, M.D.


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