See You Later, Summer

We thought we’d post this little poem in honor of all the children returning to school today or in the next week. We hope you had a great, fun filled summer!

As of today, the dog days of summer are officially behind us, and we’re moving ever faster toward fall. This is emphasized by school starting, the Boone County Fair opening yesterday, and Edward’s Apple Orchard opening in just 16 more days. How do we know the dog days of summer are gone? “The “dog days of summer” refer to the weeks between July 3 and August 11 and are named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the Canis Major constellation. The ancient Greeks blamed Sirius for the hot temperatures, drought, discomfort, and sickness that occurred during the summer.” As we know in Northern Illinois though, that in no way means that we’ve beat the heat. We could have snow in October or it could be a balmy 75 degrees.

What we can be grateful for is just the existence of summer break and all the fun had during it. Before the Civil War, schools did not have summer vacation. In rural communities, kids had school off during the spring planting and fall harvest while urban schools were essentially year-round. The long summer holiday didn’t come about until the early 20th century.” Can you imagine having a two part vacation and, during that vacation, having to do farm work like planting and harvesting instead of swimming and vacationing?

Boone County CASA wishes everyone a happy return to school and soon…a great fall!



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