Foster Care: In Their Own Words

What is foster care really like for the children, both small and older, who experience it? Its a singular experience, totally outside of “normal.” Most of us can’t even imagine it.

Here at Boone County CASA, many of the children we serve live in foster care. We see wonderful, special people everyday who foster children in their homes. Foster parents play a very important role in the system. They parent children, are tasked with the daily needs of children such as feeding, bathing, and monitoring, as well as schoolwork, while also being given the job of helping a child maintain the bond with their biological parents. Despite all this they are not a child’s guardian. This role is filled by the State. Therefore foster parents must ask permission for nearly everything; school registration, doctor appointments, day camps.

Yes, foster care can still be quite a challenge for the kids and adults involved. Is it easy to have a stranger move into your home, knowing nothing about the routine, the family members, or the expectations? Is it easy being the child moving in, not even knowing the layout of the place that is now your home base? No, foster care will never be easy or ideal. Every child deserves to live with loving, capable biological parents. Unfortunately, for some kids this just is not possible.

The best way to learn about the experience of foster care is to hear it, or read it, straight from the source; the children who have lived it. To read personal accounts of the foster care experience visit A collection of blogs from CR’s 2014 Fostering the Future campaign. These are stories of kids who found success in and after the foster care system, as well as those that struggled deeply with it.


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