Kids’ Crafts You Can Do This Summer

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids busy and away from the TV before school starts? Take a look at the fun and inexpensive things listed here to keep their little hands busy and their minds occupied.

One of our favorites was the tin foil night sky. Younger children will have fun poking the holes in the foil and, for older children, you can draw diagrams of the constellations. You can light it up with a battery operated candle or even one that changes colors. Use this to teach your child (and yourself) what Lyra, the harp and Ursa Major, the Great Bear are. For a list and drawings of the constellations click here.

Another great one is the dinosaur track flip flops. Why do kids like dinosaurs so much? Fisher Price says that, “Dinosaurs have been extinct a long time, but they seem to make a comeback in each new generation. For many preschoolers, dinosaurs are a major interest. You may find that one day your child–even if he has trouble pronouncing grilled cheese–will suddenly start talking about parasaurolophus and triceratops.”

So get busy and active this summer with your little ones. Whether they’re your own kids, your nieces and nephews, or kids you work with find ways to engage them in play that stimulates their brains and helps them learn colors, strategy, and problem solving. 


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