Volunteering: What’s in it for me?

As idealist.org says, its okay to ask what you get out of volunteering. And the answer is…a lot! Idealist names several categories where volunteers benefit from their experiences volunteering their time including skill development, career exploration, and having an impact. Here at CASA we know our advocates are changing lives! National CASA calls these factors “evidence of effectiveness” and they are the following facts; that children with a CASA advocate are more likely to be adopted, do better in school, and spend an average of eight months less in the system than their peers who are not assigned a CASA.

The idealist article also states that volunteers, “learn new skills, keep skills sharp, or use existing skills inDedicate new ways.”

What else is in it for you? The Corporation for National and Community Service released a report which can be found here that says, “those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer.”

So get active! Volunteer your time to a cause that you really believe in. If that cause happens to be providing a voice in court for abused and neglected children, give Boone County CASA a call at 815 547-6599.


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