Boone County Health Department- Services for Pregnancy and STDs

The Boone County Health Department, located right here in Belvidere, is offering confidential STD testing which they say will be “simple” and “fast.” The testing will be charged on a sliding scale, and chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis can all be tested for. You can also talk to the Health Department about ways to protect yourself from becoming a carrier of these diseases. Visit for more information.

In case you’re wondering the State of Illinois Data Portal stated that from the years 2000-2013 Boone County had a chlamydia count of 52, a gonorrhea count of 15, and an early syphilis count of 1. If you suspect you’ve been exposed to any of these diseases get tested right away! The CDC has stated that, “ACHSP considered that the evidence was strong thatearly detection and treatment of other STDs is an effective strategy for preventing sexually transmitted HIV infection.”

The Health Department is also offering free (free!) prenatal classes which include “pampering” and “fun!” During these classes the Department will also be giving out select prizes for things like car seats and play pens. There’s no reason not to go! Transportation can even be made available upon request. Don’t miss out on getting to know other people expecting new additions and learning about nutrition, stress management, and labor and delivery expectations. ChildTrends Databank states that, “Mothers who receive late (defined as beginning in the third trimester of pregnancy) or no prenatal care are more likely to have babies with health problems. Mothers who do not receive prenatal care are three times more likely to give birth to a low-weight baby.” This is all the more reason to know as much as you can about the health issues surrounding prenatal health, labor and delivery, as well as newborn care.

As always, to visit the CASA official website or to fill out an application to be an advocate click here.


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